Mated: A Paranormal Romance Shifter Anthology: Saving His Wolf\Wolf Summer\Drawn to the Wolves

Mated: A Paranormal Romance Shifter Anthology by Kerry Adrienne, Sionna Fox, and Shari Mikels will be available May 22 2017 from Carina Press!

One anthology. Three wolf shifter romances. Don’t miss this collection of stories from USA TODAY bestselling author Kerry Adrienne, Sionna Fox and Shari Mikels  

A woman born blind and without the ability to shift yearns to seek her own fate away from her watchful, devoted wolf pack. Vulnerable and stuck in human form, she’s alone and at risk when she’s rescued by the bear shifter who is her destiny.

An accident forces a man to change the best friend he’s loved for years…or leave her for dead. There’s no reason to hide his true self anymore—but can she ever forgive him?

And a pack alpha finds that rescuing his fated mate from a violent confrontation with two wolf shifters is easy. Helping her move from fear to acceptance of the animals—and him—is a challenge.


This anthology includes:

Saving His Wolf by Kerry Adrienne

Wolf Summer by Sionna Fox

Drawn to the Wolves by Shari Mikels


Stories also available for purchase separately.


This book is approximately 86,000 words

Reviews and Praise

“5 stars”  — Night Owl Reviews

This anthology is like a shifter bonus for any paranormal romance reader. Each story is totally unique and separate from the others. I know at least one of the stories is part of a series and I’m going to assume that all of them are. Regardless, I loved all of them. The stories stand alone and will give you a glimpse into a world that the author has created. The main characters in all the stories are strong, hard headed and fall in love with someone that probably shouldn’t have. I felt like I read three complete stories and I wasn’t shorted by any of them. This is truly a terrific anthology that you will love.

Library Journal:

Verdict Each of these stories offers an interesting take on shifter mating. Copious detailed lovemaking as well as action and suspense makes this a winning anthology. Highly recommended.—Henry Bankhead, San Rafael P.L., CA


Book Details:

Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: May 22, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter
Spice Rating: 4
Word Count: 86K

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