All Mine: 1NS Collection

Eleanor’s romantic tour of Italy shatters when her long-time boyfriend dumps her in Pompeii. Darius, a hard-working Senator in Ancient Rome, is puzzled by the Sibyl’s words: You will not find love in your lifetime.

A night spent together may be just what Eleanor and Darius need to break down the columns of time that stand between them.

Anya and Carrick each seek healing and a connection, but the darkness of summer is short, and once the solstice sun breaks through the circle at dawn, the magic of the night will be over. Even Madame Eve can’t stop the day from rising.

Seti and Kathryn each need fulfillment in their lives. Through the help of Madame Eve and an ancient Egyptian goddess, they find peace in each other’s arms for one night. At dawn, Bast will return to ferry them back to their responsibilities unless they can rescue each other.

Book Details:

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: July 30, 2016
Series: 1Night Stand
Genre: time travel, PNR, erotic romance
Spice Rating: 4
Word Count: 40K

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