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The Orb of Oriste

Dragon Myst

Shifter Wars

A paranormal shifter series from Carina Press. Bear, lions, wolves, and more in a war to control Deep Creek and the ancestral spirit that controls the Cave of Whispers…and all its secrets. 

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Dark Scales Division


Cursed In Stone

Constantine De La Fontaine fought in the Third Crusade, certain he was on the side of the righteous. After being wounded in battle, he’s tended by the beautiful and mysterious Amara, a woman who’s hiding a dangerous secret. She’s the caliph’s daughter, and he’s promised her hand in marriage to the demon who’s made him powerful. Con and Amara’s love is white hot, but forbidden. When the demon finds out about their tryst, he lashes out in a jealous rage, cursing both to live out eternity in their own personal hells.

For centuries, Con lives as a gargoyle, cursed in stone and destined to watch others find love, with no knowledge of Amara’s fate. Able to take human form only during the three nights of the full moon, he wanders the streets of the cities the curse transports him to, lost and broken hearted. Then, a whisper on the wind and a magical pull to a gemstone gives him new hope for breaking his curse and finding out what’s happened to his lost love. A cloaked figure, an ancient tome, and more gemstones slowly begin to help him unravel the mystery of his curse—and possibly his freedom.

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All Mine

Madame Eve always knows what’s best for her couples–even when she has to reach through time to set them on their path.

Senator, Mine
April 2012
KA_all Mine Antho_LG
Druid, Mine
June 2012
Pharoah, Mine
Oct 2012

Gallant Gentlemen’s Guild (G3)

The Gallant Gentlemen’s Guild (G3) occupies four brownstones on New York City’s Upper West Side and is home to a prestigious art guild, formed by master portrait artist, Kenon Alavi. The guild offers a safe place for gay artists of all media to work and play. Some even live in the apartments there, and all enjoy the guild’s fantastic basement bar and playground. The artists of the Guild are close–Brothers with Benefits–and they protect their own against all threats to their way of life.

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Sculptor's Desire_HiRes (1)

Standalone Novellas

Coming October 1, 2015!
Two guys
First Contact by Davis & Adrienne
Ghost in a Bottle _Kindle_2400x3600
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Anthologies / Box Sets

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KAdrienne-Spring Fever
Come Undone
Haunting Savannah (1)
CosmicCabaretFINAL (1)