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Broken Chains Series

The Deep Creek Bears and the Sen Pal Lions have been skirting a territory war for some time. How much longer till all hell breaks loose?


Black Hills Wolves

Dawn has come to Los Lobos and a nearly decimated wolf pack has found its feet again. Decadent Publishing invites you to join the Black Hills Wolves pack.

KAdrienne-BHW01.Wolf and the Butterfly.200x300

All Mine

Madame Eve always knows what’s best for her couples--even when she has to reach through time to set them on their path.

Senator, Mine April 2012         Druid, Mine June 2012         Pharoah, Mine Oct 2012

Gallant Gentlemen’s Guild (G3)

The Gallant Gentlemen’s Guild (G3) occupies four brownstones on New York City’s Upper West Side and is home to a prestigious art guild, formed by master portrait artist, Kenon Alavi. The guild offers a safe place for gay artists of all media to work and play. Some even live in the apartments there, and all enjoy the guild’s fantastic basement bar and playground. The artists of the Guild are close--Brothers with Benefits--and they protect their own against all threats to their way of life.

KAdrienne-G3.Artists Touch.200x328         KAdrienne-G3.Sculptors Desire.200x300         KAdrienne-G3.Guitarists Wish.Coming Soon         KAdrienne-G3.Poets Dream.Coming Soon         KAdrienne-G3.Bloggers Fantasy.Coming Soon

Standalone Novels

KAdrienne-Auld Lang Syne.200x299          KAdrienne-Beautiful One.200x328         KAdrienne-Cruise Control

Anthologies / Box Sets

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