It’s finally here! Taming the Lion releases today after a couple of bumps (my fault). I’m super excited to bring you the story of enemies who have to decide how to balance loyalty and love. This is the next to last book in the series and I hope you love it as much as I loved throwing enemies together. LOL

You can find the book here in e-format. The print version will follow in December!Add to your TBR list:

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For Marco, heir to the lions’ throne, seizing control of the Cave of Whispers from the bear clan is more than just a quest—it’s fulfilling the legacy of his breed. But the latest crusade has left Marco gravely wounded in enemy territory and in the hands of Alicia, healer for the bears. An irresistibly sensuous adversary, Alicia presents a serious problem. She carries the scent of a mate.

Drawn to this dominant master of his den, Alicia knows her allegiance has been compromised. His brooding sexuality is testing her defenses, but falling in love with Marco means falling in league with a rival shifter. And turning her back on the bears in a time of war is a lethal move.

Two breeds united by destiny could inspire a peaceful new future for their opposing clans—or ignite the fiercest battle yet and destroy all of Deep Creek forever.