The Second Sight Series is trilogy of steamy romantic suspense novels each with a slight paranormal twist.

















More than Meets the Eye

She dreams of potential futures.

Jordan Traiger is a woman gifted with prophetic dreams… visions that come with the most dire of endings. Changing the outcomes often comes with a heavy cost. But when her dreams predict the death of a man who holds her heart, she knows she’ll pay anything to avert the fatal outcome. Now if she only knew his identity, the place or the time.


He dreams into the life of a woman who stirs his soul.

Jason Browder spent years wishing the woman who regularly starred in his dreams was not a figment of his imagination. She was everything he ever wanted: smart, kind, beautiful. When he accidently bumps into his ‘mystery lady’, he would give anything to make her a part of his life. If only the timing could have been better. Hired to protect a client from a stalker, danger is always around him and he wouldn’t want to chance bringing that kind of danger to her door. If there was one thing Jason learns, you can’t have everything exactly the way you want it. But that doesn’t mean what unfolds won’t be fabulous.


A chance encounter brought them together. A gunshot tore them apart.



Eyes of a Stranger

Jordan and Jason survived a killer and came out the other side a couple in love. Life should be smooth sailing from here on out. But Fate’s a bitch.3


The mastermind behind Jason’s demise isn’t happy his ‘man’ failed and Jason still breathes. Raising the stakes, the plan expands to making Jason pay before he dies, starting with Jordan’s death. The race begins for Jason and Jordan to uncover the identity of the mastermind and take him down before his actions come to fruition.


With the threat to their lives hanging over their heads, Jordan’s gifts of precognition and telepathy come with an ever-increasing price. With Jason by her side, can they figure out how to control the backlash of her powers before it takes her mind or her life?





Coming July 4


In my Mind’s Eye

A Powerful Chemistry.

Jordan and Jason found each other through dreams and visions. Their relationship grew into a deep abiding love despite multiple attempts on their lives.


Is he the catalyst?

The threat hanging over Jason’s head had been eliminated twice. But a deeper evil lurks in the background endangering the life he’s building with Jordan. Is taking Jason’s life the end game, or is it just a step to a more nefarious conclusion?


Or is she the ignition?

Jordan is a ticking time bomb as her mind deteriorates, her actions become more violent even as they seem less her own. Will she be the explosion causing more devastation to their relationship than the evil forces from the outside ever could?


As they fight for each other, will their love bond tighter or get ripped apart?

Publishing this July 4



About the author:

Patricia Scott James, a proud native of Cincinnati, Ohio loves everything romance. She was born in the year of (never you mind) to parents who taught her anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Trapped in a mind that is both analytical and creative, she works her day job in a technical field while in her spare time, she crafts her stories full of steam and romance, suspense and a twist of something special. This year Patricia decided to take the giant step and bring six of her stories to the public.