Authors after Dark is coming up this week! I head to Charlotte on Tuesday, and I can’t wait. I still have to finish packing, and I’m working against a writing deadline, but such is life, right?

Featured authors have been challenged to post five random things about them today, so here goes!

1. I’ve had some odd jobs in my life. I’ve body sat overnight at a funeral home, and gathered worms on a golf course to sell to bait shops.

2. When I eat meat, I prefer it cold (though I will eat it warm–I just prefer it cold)

3. My birthdate is the anniversary of the first airplane flight, and my husband’s is the anniversary of the moon landing.

4. My initials are KA. All three of my kids are AK, have names beginning and ending with A, have Greek first names and middle names derived from “Katherine”. At that point, hubby said to name characters instead.

5. I met Leonard Nimoy. I really embarrassed myself. Ask me about it at AAD. I can’t put the story online.


I hope all of you traveling to #aadchar have a safe journey! Please sign up for my newsletter over there –>. I’ll be drawing names for a prize from the August subscribers.


  1. I’m bummed I didn’t make AAD this year. It would have been so cool to meet. Love the 5 things about you. I’d have loved to meet Leonard Nimoy. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to say a word.

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