Waking the Bear


Book 1 in the Shifter Wars series from Carina Press.

Sexy shifter passion is awakened when two unlikely lovers are challenged by secrets, danger and an unstoppable need to claim one’s mate…

For human Amy Francis, the secluded cabin in Deep Creek is the haven she needs to map out a fresh new start. She never expected her heart to be reawakened by a distraction like Griff Martin, commanding yet gentle, too feriociously sensual too ignore. It’s clear that patrolling the forest is more than a job to Griff—it’s a means of survival. But what Amy doesn’t realize is she’s reawakened the beast within him.

Griff’s dormant hunger is stirred by this intoxicating woman…and threatened by the secret she must never learn. Duty-bound to defend his bear clan against an avenging pride of lion shifters, Griff’s entire world is upended when he meets Amy. His animal need to claim his mate has taken hold, but that very desire could seal her fate as an unwitting pawn in battle.

Now, as a shifter war looms, Griff must decide between letting Amy go or following his most carnal instincts. To have her would change his life…but risk everything he knows and was born to protect.

Book one of the Shifter Wars series

Previously published, newly revised by author

This book is approximately 75,000 words


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Reviews and Praise

Night Owl Romance

4 1/2 stars:  

First off, I just love this cover, very eye catching and we all know a good cover can catch our eye. That being said, the story maNOR.Top Picktches the cover, very pleasing.
The strong alpha, Griff could make anyone fall for him, me included. Amy is a perfect fit for him, she is a strong female (I mean come on) as she faces off with a lion shifter. Waking the Bear is a quick shifter read that will have you coming back for more from this author, I know I will.
Addicted to Reviews:

Oh my, I absolutely love, love, love this book. This was a really strong start to this series. I had never read this author before so I was curious what her take on the shifter phenomenon was. It seems like it could be the start of a real strong storyline. Although, from what I could tell, even though you get Griff’s story in this book, it seems to be more about setting the scene for the “big picture.” I will be picking up the next book in the series because I want to see if that is a correct thought process. As a standalone, it was still a good book. I want to see what this author is going to bring to the table later. This book has the makings of an addictive series, so we will find out.

Reviews by a Thrifty Mom:

5 Stars

…My favorite part of the book is when Griff shows Amy his bear form and she starts petting him and he lays his head on her lap…oh the feels! It demonstrates her love for him as a human and bear.

I’m rating Waking the Bear a 5 out of 5 stars. After the last 2 shifter books I’ve read I’m starting to become a shifter fanatic lol!…

Romance Book Reviews for You:

4 Stars

…Griff knows too that he had to try to explain what and who he is to Amy. But can he put things on hold with Amy?




Book Details:

Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Series: Shifter Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Spice Rating: 4
Word Count: 78K

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