I think many of us agree that 2016 was a difficult year. Whether it was because of publishers going under, not paying, or a general decline in book sales…being an author was tough in 2017. Then, we lost so many inspiring people like Bowie, Gene Wilder, Prince, George Michael, and so many more. The election was probably the worst I can ever remember. Many of us had personal tragedies (I lost my mom).

I don’t know about you, but I was ready to sweep 2016 out the door!

Still, there were many high points to celebrate and be thankful for. I’m personally happy for my healthy children, a warm home to live in, a new job for my husband. Great health insurance. Waking up each day! So many things to be grateful for. I also made my goal of getting a book published with Carina Publishing (and they’ve been more awesome than I even imagined). I hit the USA Today Bestseller list for the first time. I’ve made many new friends–authors, readers, cover artists, etc. So many blessings!

I’m putting it out there that 2017 WILL be a better year. I hope each and every one of you can pause a moment to count at least five of your blessings and let’s make 2017 the best year yet!


Kerry Adrienne