Sculptor’s Desire

NOTE: This title will revert to me on December 31, 2016.


Rocco Lazzaro is on a mission to find the perfect male body to sculpt. His inability to find “the one” has affected his creativity and he’s frustrated by his failure. With a Guild charity auction coming up, he’s expected to provide high-quality sculptures, but the pieces he creates feel soulless.

When Devin, a yoga instructor, approaches him and offers to help, Rocco can’t quit thinking about the red-hot ginger. Devin’s New Age beliefs push Rocco away–he can’t deal with reality, much less mysticism.

But Devin is persistent. He knows he’s supposed to help Rocco find his muse–and he’ll stop at nothing to show him that the line between art and skin is very thin and a true muse can provide inspiration in many ways.

Inside Scoop: This story contains hot, sexy artistic scenes of M/M interaction as our sculptor goes hands-on in more ways than one.

A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Reviews and Praise


The connection between Devin and Rocco is blistering. The sex scenes were scorching.  — Night Owl Reviews “4 stars”

Book Details:

Publisher: Ellora's Cave: rights reversion December 31, 2016
Release Date:
Series: Gallant Gentlemen's Guild #2
Spice Rating: 4
Word Count: 50K

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