Forbidden Fruit

Book 10: Gods of Olympus

Dionysus: Forbidden Fruit

Cast out of Olympus for his latest over-the-top drunken party, Dionysus wakes up in a field in the French wine country. Zeus has made it clear that Dionysus won’t return to Olympus as a party god—he’s got to show he’s worthy by unselfishly helping a mortal. He must prove that he’s responsible, or the godly life is over for him. For now, Dionysus is stuck on earth with few belongings, nowhere to sleep, and a heck of a hangover.

Abrielle’s family vineyard is on the cusp of bankruptcy. Frazzled, she travels to the wine festival in Paris where she’ll try to win a tasting competition and maybe get some restaurant orders for her wine. With a rival pushing her to sell the vineyard, her staff in revolt over late wages, and her strong feeling of guilt for letting her grandfather down, she’s not in the mood to deal with the cocky man she meets at the festival.

When he challenges her to a wine tasting, she can’t refuse the terms. But letting the arrogant man work at the vineyard is not going to happen, especially with the way women act like crazy fan girls around him. No, she doesn’t need drama on top of everything else.

If Abrielle will allow Dio to help her save her vineyard, he could earn his spot back on Olympus. But temptation and debauchery may very well ruin everything.

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Release Date: May 22, 2018
Series: Gods of Olympus
Genre: PNR
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